Site Changes


Class is over (100%!), so it's time to get back to this.

Current priorities:

  • Organize the project.
  • Get today's stuff duplicated and functional under a subdomain.
    2022-03-16: The old site has been migrated to, which is a redirection from (They're the same content, but "pre202203..." is tough to remember.)
  • Learn something about modern visual design elements and approaches.
  • Get Django upgraded and Hello World, GitHubbed.
    2022-03-17: GitHubbed.

Further details, if there are any, are in the repo.

Personal Summary

Photograph of Fritz

I am a Cook and Food Geek with a strong background in Information Technology. I changed careers a little over a year ago. Food is a big industry, so I am excited to find out what else lies ahead.

  • My cooking has always been a quest for knowledge. I started with the basics, but even as a home cook I have brewed beer, cured bacon, and cultured yogurt; braised beef tongue and grilled apples over charcoal; sprouted mung beans and rendered chicken fat; and developed an adobo sauce for my own tacos al pastor.
  • The Board

    The wooden board at the bottom of the page represents my personal philosphy of openness and honesty. It also symbolizes my belief that food should be better than mere sustenance. Everything should be "above board".

  • I have a fearless palate. I conquered my dislike of seafood through force of will. If it's food, I'll taste it.
  • I've been actively online since the early 1990s, and I've certainly left a few footprints.
  • In my previous career in Information Technology, my professional strengths included an analytical mind, team focus, rock-solid integrity, and acute attention to detail. These same skills are serving me well in the kitchen.
  • There's always something new to learn. On my own I've picked up the web languages PHP, HTML, and CSS. I hold an amateur ("Ham") radio license, KJ4JWS. I am actively learning Spanish.

In the Media

The Charlotte Observer published an article about me as part of their Starting Over series.

Site Credits is almost entirely Fritz Knack's own—that is to say, my own—work. Some of it is self-derivative or simply republished. Some of the images are someone else's. Credit where due is gladly given on the Credits page.