Past Life: Information Technology

  • I turned my first big hobby—computers and technology—into a rewarding career. I had a great run while it lasted, and I'm rather proud of my many accomplishments. Most of my career was in logistics support. I worked in the banking, paging, software, and international telephone network industries.
  • My specific jobs included process development, implementation, and improvement; extensive SQL-based and other reporting; 4GL development; database administration; Unix system admininstration; troubleshooting and problem solving; QA and UA test planning, scripting, and execution; and customer service, technical support, and software training.
  • I eventually became an IT Technical Business Analyst. I was especially good at helping the technical folks and business folks understand each other. There was a lot of writing and documentation, which I enjoyed.
  • I have become extremely proficient with MS-Word and MS-Excel up through the current versions. I am adept with other Microsoft Office applications including SharePoint, Visio, PowerPoint, InfoPath, and Access.
  • While I never considered myself to be a "programmer", I did have occasion to write complex code in Perl, JavaScript, C, Expect (Tcl/Tk), Turbo Pascal, DOS and Unix command shells, and an odd little proprietary language that didn't even support nested If-statements.
  • IT Résumé, July 2012
  • IT Résumé, April 2007. There is some overlap between the two versions. This older one was written for keyword parsers and contains far more buzzword detail than a hiring manager would likely read.