Where Else to Find Me Online

Around the Web

I'm a regular reader of and occasional contributor to many online communities. I keep my Facebook and Google+ restricted mostly to friends and family, but I've been around for awhile on Slashdot, MetaFilter, and others. I even did a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" interview. It's important to give back, so I've always tried to lend a hand where I could, contributing, for example, a few public Google Calendars and Maps.

Along the way, I've started a blog or two. My old personal family site is used mostly for email now, but if you dig around some of the Internet archive sites, you might find other sites I've built, such as for the Vance High School Band program in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A lot of phrits.com's content was originally written for Analytical Life, a Wellness site I worked on with a close friend of mine. The old site is down now, but its spirit continues on Facebook.

In Strange and Ancient Corners

My first email address dates back to about 1992, and you may be able to find me in the pre-Web Usenet archives, asking and answering questions about MS-Windows and DOS issues, for example, or expounding on the virtues of brewed coffee in red-eye gravy. In the late 1990s, I was active on ARSList and I helped a lot of people particularly with Remedy's Distributed Server Option. I've copy-edited a few pages for the Project Gutenberg archives.

In the Media

The Charlotte Observer published an article about me as part of their Starting Over series.