Quickle Pickle

This recipe is based on "Quick Pickled Cabbage" from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. It's a book worth your attention.



  1. Wash and core the cabbage, then slice it as thinly as you can.
  2. In a colander over a bowl or sink, mix the 2T of salt into the cabbage
  3. Peel and slice the onion as thinly as you can. A mandolin works well for everything but the cabbage. Mix the onion into the salted cabbage.
  4. Peel (or don't) the cucumbers. Cut them lengthwise, then gently scrape out the seeds and pith. Cut as thinly as you can. Mix in with the salted cabbage and onions.
  5. Place a small plate or something similar on top of the cabbage mixture and weigh it down. A gallon jug of water or a big can works nicely. Allow to sit for 45 minutes to an hour.
  6. Remove the plate and rinse the cabbage mix under running water.
  7. Transfer to a plastic zipper bag or a large mixing bowl.
  8. Add red wine vinegar and salt to taste.
  9. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to a few days.


Serves at least 12.

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