Note: I'm not especially looking for a heavy web-development role, but this site isn't a particularly good representation of my capabilities. I have a full-stack Django-based upgrade WIP, and I'm happy to share my GitHub repo if you'd like to see it. This version is mostly a visual update to 12-year-old PHP code.

Fritz Knack ("phrits")

Community Leader

Since returning to Goldsboro in April, 2022, I have met hundreds of incredible and creative people. How could I help but get involved? As I write this, I am honored to serve on the Boards of Directors and in various committees for the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation (DGDC) and the Arts Council of Wayne County (ACWC), and as the Chairman of the city's Historic District Commission. I love this place more every day!

Organizational Information Technology Professional

I have worked in just about every corner of automated organizational workflow—operational side or tech. I've done everything from coding and database administration to workflow process development and implementation. And all of the requirements, software design, documentation, reports, and lifecycle maintenance that comes with the territory.


I've been an adventurous home cook forever: Meat and potatoes, sure, but also ice cream, candied peppers, beer, bacon, and bugs! I've read everything from Rombauer to McGee. I even dropped out of the IT workforce, took a job as a dishwasher, and cooked professionally for a couple of years!


Links to assorted interests, some old writing. More to come eventually—in the past several months, I've been in a movie, acted in a play, and made my stand-up comedy debut—but I'm planning to do some site work before I catch up and publish here more frequently.

Community Leader

I am proud and humbled to work with some of the best people and organizations anywhere to be found.

Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation

DGDC is the non-profit side of a partnership with the City of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and part of the national Main Street downtown revitalization program.

I serve as an ad hoc member of the Board of Directors. (I'm in my first year, so I'm a provisional member without a vote.) I am assigned to the Economic Vitality Committee.

I am on the Arts District Steering Committee, in which we are developing an Arts District, mostly east of Goldsboro Union Station. We're considering all sorts of things including business incubators, kid spaces, maybe an artist village, ...

I am on the James Street Black Business District Memorial Steering Committee, in which we are converting two city-owned properties at the corner of James and Pine into a memorial parklet. The project will memorialize the businesses owned and run by Black people during the Segregation Era.

Arts Council of Wayne County

The Arts Council of Wayne County runs a gallery, rents studio spaces, provides music lessons, offers youth art programs throughout the year, hosts musical performances and artist talks and art competitions and ... We have a lot going on.

I am a member of the Board of Directors, and my main job is to be the computer and network guy. I also serve on the Marketing Committee.

City of Goldsboro, North Carolina
Historic District Commission

The Commission's core purpose is to protect the District's architectural history, preserving what we can, and building new only with materials and designs that at least look like they belong. In practice, it is a quasi-judicial body making decisions that are above what the Planning Department can bless, and below what would call for City Council to decide.

I serve as the Commission's Chairman.

Choice Neighborhoods

Choice Neighborhoods is a HUD program to help the folks living in the deteriorating properties of the West Haven neighborhood. I serve on the Neighborhoods committee, which is involved with choosing the features for the new neighborhood, West Oak.

Strategic Organizational Specialist

I am a Process Automation Architect whose expertise includes:

  • problem identification, analysis, diagnosis, and resolution
  • process development, improvement, and automation
  • risk analysis and mitigation
  • application design and testing
  • data analysis and visualization
  • requirements gathering
  • writing, speaking, documentation, and presentation

My background in telecommunications, software production, and banking has allowed me to develop technical skills with:

  • programming and system development
  • system architecture and integration
  • network, database, and system administration
  • software installation and support

I am an adept user of the tools of the trade. I am fluent in SQL and can work with any C-flavored programming language (e.g., Python and JavaScript).

Food and Cooking

I've cooked all my life, including professionally. I've read a lot. I've written some. I even went to school for a little while. Nothing makes me happier than a table full of people I love enjoying a meal I've prepared.

I fix meats, vegetables, grains, whatever, prepared and cooked however. Anything that is in season or looks good. I have baked bread and cured bacon and pickled fish and brewed beer and cooked bugs I raised myself.


Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere.