Site Changes


Class is over (100%!), so it's time to get back to this.

Current priorities:

  • Organize the project.
  • Get today's stuff duplicated and functional under a subdomain.
    2022-03-16: The old site has been migrated to, which is a redirection from (They're the same content, but "pre202203..." is tough to remember.)
  • Learn something about modern visual design elements and approaches.
  • Get Django upgraded and Hello World, GitHubbed.
    2022-03-17: GitHubbed.

Further details, if there are any, are in the repo.



Welcome to, Fritz Knack's home on the web. I'm glad you stopped by. Here you will find:

I'm not in the market for a strictly cooking job, as I am happily cooking and learning where I am now. I'd like to find my way into a test kitchen, though. I'm happy to consider other opportunities, too. If you like what you see, please check my Hire Me! page or send me a message.