Fritz Knack ("phrits")

Information Technology Professional

If it has anything to do with automated business workflow, I've done it.


I've been a home cook forever. I've read everything from Rombauer to McGee. I dropped out of the IT workforce to cook professionally for about 2 ½ years. I am an enthusiastic omnivore.

Community Advocate

Thanks to finding a home in this wonderful city and falling in with a good social crowd, I have become increasingly involved with Goldsboro, North Carolina and its civic happenings. I serve on the City's Historic District Commission, and I'm on the Boards of Directors for the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation and the Arts Council of Wayne County.

Business Information Technologist

I am a Business Architect whose experience includes:

  • process development, improvement, and automation
  • risk analysis and mitigation
  • application design and testing
  • data analysis and visualization
  • requirements gathering
  • writing, speaking, documentation, and presentation

My background in banking, telecommuncations, and software production has allowed me to develop skills with:

  • programming and system development
  • system architecture and integration
  • network, database, and system administration
  • software installation and support

I am an adept user of the tools of the trade. I am fluent in SQL and can work with any C-flavored programming language. I recently finished a boot camp that introduced me to Machine Learning tools and approaches.

Food and Cooking

I've cooked all my life, including professionally. I've read a lot. I've written some. I even went to school for a little while. Nothing makes me happier than a table full of people I love enjoying a meal I've prepared.

I fix meats, vegetables, grains, whatever, prepared and cooked however. Anything that is in season or looks good. I have baked bread and cured bacon and pickled fish and brewed beer and cooked bugs I raised myself.

People line up for my grits. My salsa beats your favorite restaurant's. My biscuits are better than your Granny's.


Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere.