Food Writing

Here I've gathered any other food-related content that doesn't belong in another category.

Food and Cooking Terms

Once upon a time, a buddy of mine and I started to put together a Food and Fitness site. This is the glossary I wrote so I could quickly link folks to terms I used. It seems a shame to throw it away.

Your Friend in the Kitchen: FAT TOM

In a restaurant kitchen, or your own, food should be healthful. But it must be safe. This is an article I wrote for one of my old sites, Analytical Life, about avoiding foodborne illnesses.

The Popcorn Post

What popcorn is, its history, how to prepare it, etc. I've loved this stuff longer than I could talk. It's long. I may revise it someday.

Meat and Food Safety

A Reddit comment answering the question "What should I know about meat and food safety?"