Interests and Oddities

I love learning new things. I am excited by novelty. I'm not afraid of much. So I dabble for a while in whatever catches my interest.

All knowledge is worth having.
    —Jacqueline Carey



Dollar Bill Shirt and Tie

I like to give these out with a tip, particularly for food service. Just a little bit of lagniappe for the hard-working service industry folks I meet along the way.

The Kilominion

1000 cranes, taped around the room that served as my home office. I folded almost all of these while sitting in meetings, on the phone, largely idle. If I'm bored and my hands are on a keyboard, I've left the meeting. If my hands are still, I fall asleep, and I've left the meeting.


I folded 1,000 of these to make the Kilominion.


Wooden Chain

Ugly as homemade sin! I carved this out of a block of basswood, off and on over a few years.


Alex Jones has done all the tattoos on my left arm. I have a few others not featured here on this site.

Mise en Place

The caption—Mise en place—was a way to bring professionalism into my home kitchen. This picture is from an article the Charlotte Observer ran about me back in 2013.

What's Purple and Commutes?

My Abelian Grape is commuting out of the big city. The yellow sign is Euler's Identity: . The front plate once read "ARICOOLED", honoring my son's tattoo. The lettering was very fine, and Alex had told me it was unlikely to be legible.

Yes, I sat under the tattoo needle for hours because I wanted a math pun indelibly marked on my skin. 10/10, would do again!

Odd Facts

The Fritz Knack

The Fritz Knack is a German hospital boat. It spends most of its time near a town called Olpenitz, on the Baltic coast.


Voluntarism and Civic Activity

  • Band dad
  • Meals on Wheels
  • DGDC