Versions of almost everything here have appeared elsewhere. I've made a few revisions here and there, but the contents are faithful to the originals.

Food and Cooking

The Popcorn Post
An article I first posted on Analytical Life. What popcorn is, its history, how to prepare it, etc. I've loved this stuff longer than I could talk. I did allow myself to wax geek.

Your Friend in the Kitchen: FAT TOM
An article I wrote for Analytical Life about avoiding foodborne illnesses.

A Reddit comment answering the question "What should I know about meat and food safety?"


Food and Cooking Terms
A not entirely static labor of love I began when Analytical Life was young and strong.


Rule Number One
As a parent, I've found that it helps to have a few rules, but the fewer the better. In fact, maybe only one.

Family Goals and Expectations
An essay written as a starting point on which to found a newly multi-generational household. An attempt to capture some of what I know and have come to believe.


Why I'm Leaving IT
Walking away from a 25-year career is a big step. And it's not a decision I made lightly.

Support the Troops
I've always been a little bit outspoken. From March, 2003.


Glass Mountain
I wrote this short story in the Fall of 1991 for an English class at Radford University. It is flawed, both superficially and severely, but it's mine.

Contributed Effort

Demeter's Harvest, the Witches Against Religious Discrimination Cookbook
I didn't write the cookbook, but back in 2002 or so, I formatted it as HTML and set it up as a self-launching CD for a friend of mine. Witches Against Religious Discrimination (WARD) has since been absorbed into Alternative Religions Educational Network (AREN), so links to pages outside the cookbook itself are probably broken.